Untuk apa gua letak nuffnang ni pun gua tak tahu.



for those of you who does not know what is pagophagia, calm down.. I'm not addicted to something stupid that will affect my future... Pagophagia is an addiction to chewing ice... It have been listed as among the weirdest addiction together with addict to heavy metal, addict to sex, addict to eat dirt etc...

surely some of you guys(do there is really you guys here? aku sorang je kott) share the same addiction with me.. and I know, it can damage my teeth someday.. But hey, I'm not an extreme pagophagia okay?

I just chew the balance from my drinks. not that I chewing ice all the time.

p/s; my baby bebeh melmel... best kan mengunyah ice kat East Coast Mall haritu??? puas makan kan? hahahaha....

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